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You have projects and we have the solutions! Thanks to our experienced team that makes customer satisfaction their #1 priority, we offer the highest quality products with a 36-hour turnaround time. Just one of the many reasons to choose Tôle Vigneault.

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a metal roof

An affordable choice

The life cycle of our products as well as the aesthetic aspect they offer created an added value for your property.

A durable choice

The useable life cycle of aluminium cladding is more than 40 years. That’s two to five times more than other common bituminous materials.

A reassuring choice

The resistance quality of metal products in the face of outdoor elements (wind, hail, snow, etc.) allows you total peace of mind.

An environmentally conscious choice

Steel products are 100% recyclable. In addition, their reflective properties offer the added benefit of reducing energy costs both in winter and in summer.

Custom Design

Each and every project is unique. That is why there is no limit to what we can do. Let our team make your project a reality, no matter its magnitude!

Direct from the manufacturer

We manufacture our products on site. Known for our flexibility, rapid fabrication processes and high standards in customer service, Tôle Vigneault is a top business partner choice.

36-hour fabrication

Thanks to our ultramodern production facility, we guarantee clients a 36-hour fabrication turnaround time. This promise is a key element of competitiveness that has become a major force in our business.


Designed to last, our metal profiles are manufactured entirely locally from high-quality Canadian materials. 40-year limited warranty!