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Ancestral roofing
Ancestral roofing trims


A high-quality siding, this model is characterized by its hidden fasteners system. Commonly known as spiral seam sheet metal, this product offers roofs an exceptional, high-quality finish while ensuring long-term sealing.

Product characteristics:

  • Metal roofing with no visible screws
  • Manufactured from 26 GA steel
  • Various configurations available
  • 1’’ rib and 20’’ wide
  • 1 ½’’rib and 19’’ wide
  • With or without stiffener ribs
  • Custom length
  • Wide selection of colours available
  • Blends perfectly with heritage homes
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly product
Imperial roofing


This type of siding is a sure value for your roof. Its chic look protects your investment for many years to come.

Product characteristics:

  • 36’’ wide exposed, low ripple profile
  • Available in any length, upon request
  • Easy installation
  • Additional weather protection
  • Wide selection of colours available
  • Manufactured from 28 GA steel
  • Recyclable materials

You are completing your residential project by adding a covered terrace, a veranda or a greenhouse? You want to be protected from the weather shelters with impermeability while having the light and the heat of the sun? We have a product for you!

Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate panels

This transparent siding allows all the advantages of outside light in the structure while ensuring complete impermeability. A product perfectly adapted for covering porches and gazebos.

Product characteristics:

  • 36’’ wide panels
  • Available lengths: 8' – 10' 12' 16'
  • Lightweight and resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Clear or tinted
  • Profile compatible with the imperial model