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Product Technical Specs | Imperial Profile

Imperial Metal Profile

For your roof, this sheeting is a sure value. Its chic look protects your investment for years to come. It blends well with other materials to create an architectural design and adds remarkable style. The Imperial profile can also be installed vertically or horizontally for wall projects. This model is found on most agricultural buildings.

Product specifications

Durable, resistant & aesthetic. Its legendary durability and low-maintenance requirements make it a timeless product.

  • Exposed fastener profile
  • Can be used on wooden or steel framework
  • High load capacity
  • Recyclable materials
  • Pre-cut lengths to meet your requests
  • Easy installation
  • High-performance anti-siphon stacking system
  • Highly-resistant, multi-layer weather resistant paint
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • Various colours available
Product Technical Specs | Dripstop Membrane (French only)

Dripstop Membrane

Dripstop is a simple and cost-effective way to treat condensation under an uninsulated metal roof. Dripstop self-stick membrane is applied to metal in strips just before the profiling. It begins working as soon as it is applied. The felt resists aging and offers an extra layer of protection for metal roofs.

Product specifications

Fight condensation without insulation. Whether sheltering cattle or materials, Dripstop is a name you can trust.

  • Self-stick felt-like membrane that sticks to metal roofs
  • Resistant to most chemical substances
  • Reduces rain noise
  • Protects metal from oxidation
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • Significantly increases the life cycle of metal
Product Technical Specs | Ancestral Profile

Ancestral profile

High-end metal roofing. Its distinguishing aesthetic adds a distinctive element to your building.

Product specifications

  • Invisible screw profile Metal roofing with no visible screw profile with or without intermediate ribs
  • Low maintenance
  • Unfailing sealing
  • Resistant to high winds
  • Pre-cut lengths to meet your needs
  • Long life cycle
  • Increases the resale value of your home
  • Multi-layer weather resistant paint
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • Wide selection of colours available

Additional products for roofing

If you have special needs because of your building usage, our experts can guide you. Various additional products are available.
Product Technical Specs | Polycarbonate Panels Sunsky (French only)

Polycarbonate Panels Sunsky

This clear or smoked transparent cladding can be used for roofs or walls. This product is designed to replace, all or in part, a sheet of Imperial profile steel cladding. This is an easy solution to maximize natural outdoor light while offering weather protection. These polycarbonate panels are especially well adapted to lightweight structures.

Product characteristics:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Clear or smoked
  • Profile compatible to the Imperial steel model
  • Easy to install
  • Non-corrosive properties
  • Excellent light transmissions
  • Weather resistant
  • Various lengths available
  • Ideal for greenhouses or skylights