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Imperial siding

Imperial profile
metal cladding

This material offers an exceptional fit all while offering an aesthetic that stands out. It is also easy to blend with other materials to create an architectural design. Each sheet covers 36’’ wide and the length is adapted to meet your needs. Easy to install, the aluminium sheets can be posed vertically or horizontally. This product is available in 28 GA and 29 GA steel in a wide variety of colours.

Product specifications

  • Profiles 36 inches width with visible fasteners
  • Low rib (3/4’’ every 9’’ for 36’’ width)
  • Manufactured with 28 GA or 29 GA steel
  • May be used on wooden or steel framing
  • High-performance, anti-siphon overlap system
  • Various colours available
  • Multiple layers of paint that is highly weather resistant
  • Limited 40 years warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
Polycarbonate panels siding

Polycarbonate panel

This product is designed to replace, in part or in whole, a sheet of imperial profile aluminium, at the desired location. It is an easy solution to benefit from exterior light while staying sheltered from bad weather.

Product characteristics

  • 36inches wide panels
  • Available lengths: 8' – 10' 12' 16'
  • Lightweight and resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Clear or tinted
  • Profile compatible with the imperial model
PVC panels siding

PVC panels

This interior cladding in glossy white can be used a finishing product for walls or ceilings. Resistant to impact, it reflects light well and can be washed with a pressure washer.

Product characteristics

  • Available in two configurations
  • Imperial model
  • Corrugated model
  • Available lengths: 8'2'' – 10'2'' – 12'2'' – 16'4'' – 20'4''
  • Easy to install
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight & resistant
  • Reflects light well
  • Will not rust or mold
  • Easy maintenance
PVC interlocking liner panels

PVC interlocking liner panels

Manufactured from virgin PVC, the strong, unique construction of this product offers excellent supporting capacity for all your projects. The surface is highly resistant to chemical products and moisture and meets the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for walls and ceilings.

Product characteristics

  • Virgin PVC panels are 16’’ wide and ½ inch thick
  • Length from 8 to 25 ft
  • Concealed fasteners with overlap joints
  • Complies with CFIA and FDA requirements